Lyra Blockchain

Lyra Decentralised Business From DeFi to DeBi

Services & Features


No need to wait. Your transaction is finished in a blink. No need to line up, we can handle 2,000+ transactions per second.


Your funds are protected by industry-standard encryption. We also support hardware keyfob to make it even safer.

Retail Oriented

Lyra Pay is retail sale optimized. Paying by us is like paying fiat money. We protect both buyer and seller.

DeFi makes Bank obsolete.

DeBi will make ? obsolete.

Lyra Decentralised Business From DeFi to DeBi

From DeFi to DeBi

• Normal blockchain can’t process external data

• DeFi enables blockchain to process expected external data via Oracle

• DeBi enables blockchain to process unexpected external data via Smart Oracle

• Involved with human actions

• Involved with random environmental change

• A DeFi+ Oracle to process 99% cases automatically

Smart Oracle

• Let real human be the final judgment to process the 1% exceptions

• Track thousands of pending trade/deal simultaneously

• Update data on changes from various sources, and perform corresponding actions

• A.I. helped data model

• Human committee for arbitration

• Lyra node owner’s council has the final decision

Lyra Pay

• Built with retail payment thought at the very beginning

• Establish trust relationship between buyer and seller

• Incomparable flexibility to support unpredictable retail business rules

• Built-in DEX/Swap to let people spend any crypto

Financial Plan

• Establish revenue streams

• Build Lyra Chaos Market

• Build token tethering with more blockchains

• DEX/Swap

• Establish liquidate

• Listing top tier exchanges

For more details, please check our whitepaper.

Lyra DAO

Possible DAO Model
  • Crypto OTC Exchange
  • Online shops/Flea market
  • Voting based DAO
Collateral based OTC
  • Every part of OTC trade send collateral before make a deal
  • If the trade is success, collateral is returned automatically
  • If the trade has dispute, collateral is decided by arbitration
Presentation Layer
  • Add visualisation to business
  • Generic blockchain presentation API
Challenge for Real world business
  • Traditional blockchain were not designed for real world business
  • Real world business is about human
How can Lyra do this/that?
  • Staking & Profiting Model
  • Business owner setup profiting account with share ratio
  • Investors staking funds to the profiting account
  • Various profiting source in Lyra-Ecosystem
  • Nodes/Validators share the transaction/platform fees
  • Shops/Merchants, share the revenue
  • DEX/Tether, share the revenue/fee
  • Swap pool, share the provider fee
  • Lyra Chaos Market (code name)
  • A shop hosting platform like Shopify/BitCommerce
  • Build with Lyra Pay support everywhere
  • Pure crypto solution for every business
  • Built-in Secured Transaction like Paypal/Alipay
  • Support tethering of various external coin/token
  • Now in early design/POC phase
  • Go live online in mid 2022

How OTC trade/deal fit into Lyra multiple chains

Lyra OTC trade

Credit, Fees and Penalise

Credit Score DAO Seller Buyer
Success Deal + 1 + 1 + 1
Seller Failed - 1 - 1 -
Buyer Failed - 1 - -1
Fees Nodes DAO Treasure Seller Buyer
Product Get 0.2% of Total Get 1% of Total Pay 1.2% of Total -
Service Get 10* LYR per deal - Pay 5* LYR Pay 5* LYR
Liability DAO Treasure Seller Buyer
Seller’s Fault 20% of lost 80% of lost 0%
Buyer’s Fault 10% of lost 0% 90% of lost


Token Details:

Token Name : Lyra
Token Symbol : LYR
Total Supply : 10B

Token Distribution:

Team : 3.1B
Development : 1B
Marketing & Partnership : 1B
Reserve : 1B
DEX Liquidity : 1.515B
Staking Rewards : 2.385B


Q1-Q2 2019
  • Original idea
  • Whitepaper release
  • Architecture & code design
Q3-Q4 2019
  • Block lattice & autohorizers
  • Custom Tokens
  • CLI wallet
  • Shopifi app PoC
Q1-Q2 2020
  • Multi node communication
  • Consensus alogarithm
  • Android client
  • Lyra development foundation
Q3 2020
  • Permissionless DPoS testnet
  • Mainnet (permissioned) Beta
  • Lyra Token Airdrop
  • Shopify app
Q4 2020
  • Mainnet (permissionless)
  • DEX & Rewards marketplace beta
  • Mobile wallet
  • BTC-LYR btc exchange
Q1 2021
  • PC wallet Windows, Linux, MacOS
  • SWAP launch on mainnet
  • Token mint on testnet
Q3 2021
  • Profiting accounts on testnet
  • Staking on testnet
Q4 2021
  • Profiting accounts launch on mainnet
  • Staking launch on mainnet
  • DEX launch on mainnet
  • Token mint launch on mainnet
Q1 2022
  • Loan testnet pilot
Q2 2022
  • Fiat OTC testnet pilot
  • Loan launch on mainnet
Q3-Q4 2022
  • Fiat OTC integration on mainnet
  • Lyra Shops on testnet
Q1 2023
  • Lyra Shops integration in mainnet
Q2 2023
  • Shop hosting on testnet
Q3-Q4 2023
  • Shops hosting integration on mainnet

Our Team

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Slava Gomzin


Wuzhou Yang


Iulian Gheorghiu

Software Engineer

Zaenal Arifin

Chief Art Officer