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What is LYRA?

Lyra technology is designed and coded from the ground up, which allowed to include most recent achievements in blockchain technologies such as DAG-style block lattice ledger, DPoS (delegated proof of stake) consensus, CryptoNote privacy techniques, and more. Those technologies in turn enable features that allow Lyra to achieve a mass adoption by mainstream business: very high scalability with thousands of TPS (transactions per second), instant authorizations and settlements, private transactions, super light wallets, no locked wallet balances, unlimited custom tokens (including NFT), “on chain” DEX (decentralized exchange), and more. Payment industry will never take crypto seriously before these key features are present!

Lyra Features at Glance

DeFi · Custom tokens · NFT · DEX · Revenue sharing
Private, secure, untraceable transactions
Instant transactions · High scalability · No locked balances
Eco-friendly · Light wallets
Unlike traditional bitcoin-like crypto, where all transactions are compiled in blocks in a single blockchain, block lattice is a collection of multiple blockchains. Each user account adds transactions to their own blockchain. Block lattice in conjunction with delegated proof of stake (DPoS) enables unique features that cannot be achieved with traditional architecture.
Custom Tokens LYRA tokens can be created as either indistinguishable (fungible) or unique (non-fungible, personalized NFT). Example: fungible reward tokens (as accumulated loyalty points) and non-fungible discount/gift tokens (as loyalty reward redemption mechanism).

Revenue Sharing Stakeholders can vote for authorizers and get their share of revenues from transaction processing fees.

Super Light Wallets Unlike most blockchains, where transaction is compiled from multiple inputs from various blocks located all over the blockchain, only the most recent block is required for a Lyra wallet to process a new transaction, so wallets can be easily deployed on IoT microdevices, mobile devices, and smartcards, with limited CPU, RAM, and storage resources.

Eco-Friendly Unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, and most other crypto, Lyra does not consume much power because it is built on delegated proof-of-stake consensus and block lattice ledger.

High Scalability (large number of tps – transactions per seconds) is achieved because each Lyra block contains just a single transaction which is added to a separate, relatively short account blockchain. Only authorizer nodes must carry all blockchains. Wallets don’t need a local node and care only about their own account blockchain.
Private Transactions Advanced cryptographic techniques such as stealth addresses, ring signatures, amount commitments, and range proofs enable obfuscated ledger, i.e. hidden transaction source, amount, and destination.
Instant Authorizations and Settlements In most blockchains, transactions are accumulated in blocks, and blocks are added to a single blockchain, which prolongs confirmation times to minutes and even hours. It takes less than a second to process any transaction with Lyra, making it compatible with retail environment where guaranteed speed of transaction is a requirement.
Instant DEX (Decentralized Exchange) “on-chain” exchange is a built in feature which allows for instant, decentralized trading and other custom applications.
No Locked Wallet Balances Most cryptocurrencies have a period of time called “locked balance”, when funds in a wallet cannot be used for new transactions until transaction is confirmed. Lyra solved the locked balance problem, thanks to block lattice architecture.



Slava Gomzin

Slava Gomzin is cyber security and crypto enthusiast, full-stack technologist and entrepreneur. Author of multiple publications on information security and technology including books “Hacking Point of Sale” and “Bitcoin for Nonmathematicians

Wizard Young

Wizard Young is from central China, now living in a small city by the sea where he has been working as a full-stack programmer, full-stack network engineer, freelance consultant, and electronics enthusiast. He started coding in C# since the very beginning of .NET platform.

Norbert Funke

Norbert Funke has more than 20 years of industry experience with demonstrated success in all aspects of data governance and information architecture, development, and strategy. He is a leading expert in big data, natural language processing (NLP), business intelligence, and data integration architectures, combined with deep industry experience in Financial Services and Health Care.

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